Extreme Racers

Extreme Racers is an interesting racing game, where the player races with a car at break neck speed. This gaming software has been designed for all those people who are extremely passionate about speed and loves to indulge in exotic cars.

Extreme Racers offer the players with an opportunity to speed up and reach the finish line at utmost speed. The player here just needs to be conscious about the curves on the road, and that is all. The game allows its players to play it in two different ways, single race and a championship. The racer can top the racing-course by driving through the racing track successfully. The player also has the liberty of selecting a track of their own choice, and all of these vary largely from each other, the curves of each racecourse is different, making the game interesting to its players.

Extreme Racers also has a host of exotic cars, some of which remain locked and the racer can unlock them only by completing the given mission. Certain racing tracks and power-ups also have to be unlocked by the player itself. The game looks life like due to the excellent use of graphics; the 3D effect it produces is also praise worthy.

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