ExpanDrive is a piece of SFTP client for Windows. The unique feature of the software is that users can get access to their SSH server in a way similar to use a USB hard drive or Flash drive which is connected to the computer. Other than this, the software has lots of features which are mentioned below.

As users can get access to their online FTP servers in a way similar to use an external hard drive, the file transfer process is extremely easy with this software. Other than SSH servers, the software has a support for a wide number of other protocols which include SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and SSL security, secure HTTP i.e. HTTPS and HTTP also. As the software has an interface similar to a flash drive, users can instantly open the files which are supported by the computer by installing a diverse number of programs. This may include pictures, videos, music, documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc. The easy drag and drop user interface is helpful to work with multiple files at once without adding them one by one.

Once a file transfer gets interrupted, users can resume them with a single click without losing data. Easy integration with Windows explorer is great for editing and modifying the files online without having to download them.



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