Eudora OSE

Eudora OSE is an email client design to bring in the same space multiple email accounts of users that want to save time while checking each of the email boxes to see the newly received content. The utility is designed to provide quick access to its main features and the sidebar can be used to switch between email accounts and folders with a single click.

Eudora OSE is able to work with both POP3 and IMAP email accounts so that users can keep themselves updated with emails from various accounts. Each of these accounts can be configured individually in terms of refresh rates, but these options can be set globally. Thus, users can benefit from automatic refreshes at certain intervals or even from real-time refreshes. There is, however, the possibility to manually refresh the email accounts. However this option would be set, desktop notifications are available and users can quickly access a new mail by clicking the on-screen message.

Eudora OSE saves drafts after every few words so that there is no content loss if a session is abruptly ended. The session will be restored when users open the app again so that they can continue with their task. A powerful anti-spam filter prevents users from seeing junk emails in their inbox.



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