This ESPN App is a collection and combination of sports reports, videos and scores. This app is specially designed for windows 8. The boundary of windows 8 and windows RT goes with this app. The stories, articles and videos can be easily disclosed through this app. These articles and stories are simple and straight forward to read and are offered with large photos. Along with this the video that is being played back is even, soft and clear. There is a beautifully and wonderfully planned interface of the ESPN App.

Special sports instructions and categories are given immediate admittance and as well as top score for latest and modern games are being provided in windows 8 and windows RT when the secondary option is activated. In The ESPN App special types of content and substances are made without any difficulty reachable and the organization is up to date. The video which is being clearly played at the back can be viewed in a complete and full display. In this app the article can be read along with the video being played. This full display provides you with a pause and 30 seconds reverse key. Some full broadcasts are not preferred as most of the record contents are small and little clips.

However some articles pop or bang you into the browser and there is irregular unsteadiness also which is sometimes not liked by the users. This app may stop working rarely but it works well most of the time. The content of various sports in this app would be better to perceive rather than to rely on browser. The news about all kinds of sports is well obtained in the ESPN App. There are various sections in this app which are well planned and prepared. This app can be downloaded from windows store by clicking on download. Small and minor adjustment is possible in this app.



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