eScan Enterprise Edition

eScan Enterprise Edition is itself a complete solution which is capable of solving any issues related to security of the system for enterprises and corporate. This tool acts as a shield against objectionable content, viruses, phishing threats, hackers etc.

eScan Enterprise Edition has a feature of MailScan for mail servers; it defends both file servers as well as mail servers from any external threat challenging the authenticity of their information content. The secure web summarized dashboard is there for managing the security endpoint with devices like CD/DVD ROMs and USBs. There is technology used in order to prevent network outbreak, live alerts and reports are also given in order to keep the user informed about the system.

The firewall enhanced with hotfix management is present on both client and server sophisticated file and folder protection. MailScan has also an on-demand scanner, which is very fast when it comes to detecting threats. This MailScan technology of eScan Enterprise Edition is a web based administration console, which enforces integrated security policies for real-time virus detection and removal at the mail gateway. Moderate amount of space is consumed by this application in the system drive in which it is to be installed. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8; these are the operating systems, which provide support to eScan Enterprise Edition.



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