ES File Explorer File Manager

A single application working as file manager, task killer, application manager, cloud storage client, download manager, LAN Samba Client, FTP Client and also provides access to the different media that is present on the memory storages of the device. ES File Explorer File Manager for PC is an application that does all of this and much more. It is easy and convenient access to all the applications that are saved and also a tool to manage them under in a single window.

The tool is also designed to support the ZIP and RAR functions such as: Packing and unpacking a RAR File; Compressing and decompressing a ZIP file. The application is also integrated to the various accounts that the device is synced with, this way the user can easily share the files over the internet. This all in one application that will definitely optimise a computer is available for download and installation by the name of ES File Explorer File Manager for PC.



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