English Grammar Book

Here is an educational application which is highly instrumental in the improvement of the most commonly used language in the world: English. It is a detailed book that will go through all the aspects of the languages like punctuations and their effects on speech, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, tenses, verbs, interjectors, nouns, framing of sentences, figures of speech and also the different exceptions that the language makes in many cases. Everything that one can theoretically include in the language is present in the application.

All of the topics that are covered have detailed explanations and examples to make the user understand the usage and fundamentals of the language. There are also exercises that can be completed by the user to perfect the language. The interface of the application is simple and highly interactive, making it a better learning experience. This application can be downloaded from the Emulator BlueStacks by the name of English Grammar Book for PC

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