Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint Encryption is an application designed for users who want to protect USB flash drives from unwanted persons. The contents of such a drive can be easily accessed but an encryption tool can make this impossible. Users can begin by installing the tool but they should know that there are components that are also added onto the drive and it will be formatted before it can be encrypted.

Endpoint Encryption has a lot of different options available for those that work with USB drives and have to encrypt them. The utility is able to scan the system for any connected flash drives and it can also detect when new ones are connected. Then, it will ask the user if he wants the certain drive encrypted. Backups can be performed either manually by the user or automatically by the app.

Endpoint Encryption is able to encrypt email clients, too This way, a double authentication method will be used, one of them requiring users to provide the password that was set up within this utility. The AES-256 encryption algorithm is powerful enough to protect files and folders and other methods can be used, too, either separately or combined with the standard one.



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