Encrypt Stick

Encrypt Stick is an application that is useful to users who want to encrypt various data and protect it from unwanted viewers. There are various possibilities of putting this tool to work and the most important feature is that of encrypting USB flash drives. The tool can automatically scan the system for connected devices and it will provide users a list from which they can choose the device they want encrypted.

Encrypt Stick makes use of the powerful AES-256 encryption algorithm, although this is not the single one provided by the tool. Users are able to create a password for their flash drive and then, whenever the USB drive is accessed, the password will be requested. Moreover, there is the possibility to use a built-in virtual keyboard when the password is inserted.

Encrypt Stick has a timeout feature so that the drive will become inaccessible after a preset amount of time. This is so that users can be assured of protection even if the computer is left idle. When needed ,a file shredder built inside the app can be used and this one can quickly tear down all of the files on a USB drive and make them unrecoverable. However, drives formatted in the standard way can have their contents brought back with the aid of the utility.



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