eMule is a project that has been going strong for more than ten years, as it was built using the main scheme of eDonkey2000. However, it is a much better installment than its precursor and constant updates are featured in order to provide users a high quality file transfer process. The application is a peer to peer transfer tool and it allows users to achieve much higher speeds than those featured while downloading from a browser. The connection is established using the shortest amount of nodes between two computers, thus there are no speed losses.

The project is open-source and because of this, many developers are actively contributing to the tool, some of them providing plugins that can be downloaded and added directly from the tool’s interface. The UI is clean and it does not feature cluttered elements, so users can easily find the required tools in order to start a download. The Preferences tab, however, allows everyone to have an in-depth view of the features that the app has and there is a strong documentation available related to the advanced options. Customizing is not mandatory, but users can make the tool more useful by customizing it.

While a file is downloaded, the program will automatically check for errors in order to prevent users from downloading a corrupted element. Moreover, corrupted files can be repaired by an automatic system known as AICH. Previewing movies is now available and while the download is being completed, users can watch some of the content they have requested. Downloaded elements and also active downloads can be sorted in custom categories. An IRC client is available for users that want to chat with different people and a dedicated channel for eMule is pre-loaded. A friends list is also available and IRC users can be added here for quick access.

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