Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms for PC is a war and strategy game for android driven smartphones and tablets. Rule your kingdom, battle opponents, expand your kingdom and become supreme power. You can build a impregnable castle and protect your citizens from enemies of your kingdom. If the enemy is strong make alliances with other kingdoms and thwart enemies as well as attack them and expand your kingdom. You can conquer strategically important areas, weaken the enemy and develop the economy of your kingdom. Once established you can also explore other continents to explore them and enhance your domination there. There are a number of lethal weapons to choose from as well as 50 different units to battle.

The game will be playable in your PC after installing BlueStacks app player. This software emulates the features of android in windows environment. Once this is installed you can access the game through this and enjoy Empire: Four Kingdoms for PC.

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