Email Sender Deluxe

An effective email marketing campaign requires capability to send large number of emails to multiple email addresses. The Email Sender Deluxe software can help its users in achieving just that with the help of its features. This software allows its users to send both personalized newsletters, as well as, bulk emails to their recipients as the situation demands. Thus, it provides flexibility in terms of the content of the emails, which is crucial for making any email campaign effective and productive. The Email Sender deluxe incorporates an intuitive interface, which makes it possible for even the novice users to navigate it with ease.

The businesslike interface requires the users to start using the software by setting up the email account information of the sender. The users must also select the delivery method including the information regarding the SMTP server and port. This software allows the users to save the emails they create in both plain text and HTML format. Thus, users can preview the emails that they have created and the recipients list before sending the emails. The Email Sender Deluxe software allows the users to backup and restore data, and enable them to import recipients’ addresses from their computers.

This software allows the users to switch to different graphic style for the user interface and allows configuration of various email options. The configurable options include the character set, as well as, the number and method of send connections. This software automatically resends undelivered messages for its users. This bulk sms sender is compatible with various versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 2008.



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