Eligium is a 3D graphics game, developed by Shanda games and published by Frogster, which will ultimately motivate a player to be the ‘The Chosen One’. It is a free to play game which has a moderate looking graphical interface, but has an amazing concept, challenging players to test their strength and will to see if they are the chosen ones. The most unique feature of the game is the mount and pet system, wherein the player can raise their mounts and pets from infancy, even hatching them from their eggs and growing them up as their own. There is a skill mastery system in the application which enhances the strength of your skill each time the player uses them.

There are several class tiers in the game also called as class advancements, which motivates users to try different flavors as they proceed in the game. The game has four races namely Human, Elf, Silvia, and Panda. This game application also has five classes namely; Mage, Warrior, Fighter, Hunter, and Druid. The player is expected to choose one faction and fight against the hundreds of players on the battle ground. This MMO is different from many other games of its type by its well planned and designed gameplay. The customization it offers through the special skill system, pets, and mounts are another distinguishing feature which needs a mention.

This game is designed for Windows operating systems and requires minimum 1 GB RAM with around 4GB hard disk space. The application wins over by the unique concept of allowing the player to raise their own pets and training them to be loyal friends. The auto path system and the skill mastery concept make this game unique from the crowd of many other MMO applications. The quality of the graphics is compromised for the great functions offered. Repeated and generic quests make it a common one for a regular user. There is less character customization allowed by the game when compared to the special skill system. With all these pros and cons, still this game remains an interesting one to play among the MMO’s available.



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