Element Browser

At the beginning, the browser category downloads were mostly dominated by the Firefox and Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. But now days, it can be seem that the other browser applications from several other publishers are actually beginning to win over the domination. Basically, this Element browser provides you a definite cause to replace your current browser application that you are using.

The interface of this particular browser application is much more logically arranged and very well; organized for providing you a greater internet surfing experience. The interface is not at all clattered with many buttons or icons. Instead, there are many dynamic panes which provide you the different menus that can appear and disappear at your will. The “Browser Orb” can be reciprocated as the starting point of this particular application. This particular feature provides access to all kind of extensions, add-ons, cool features and several different extended menus. A thorough address bar is also served alongside of the multi-tabbed window feature.

Features-such as the Web Applications dock and the Personal Hub has been included in this Element browser. The first one is the feature through which you will be able to interact with the different social platforms directly from the browser such as Facebook, Twitter or Dig. The second feature gives you the efficacy to access the different websites to your likings, with less hassle. “Shelves” is the other feature that opens all the sorted-up tabs in accessing the multi content windows in thumbnail view.



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