Elasto Mania

If you are a fan of the motor racing games then Elasto Mania is the ultimate action packed treat for you. There is nothing impossible or too much of a stretch in Elasto Mania, as there are laws of physics that you defy in this hilarious and thrilling game of Elasto Mania that is compatible with Windows 7. You will have a sturdy motorcycle at your disposal and you will perform chilling stunts, take dives, race across terrains that are dangerous and much more. there is nothing that is not permitted in Elasto Mania, all you need is a little imagination and daring to carry it off.

The goal of Elasto Mania seems simple enough when you first start playing the game, as you have to drive into the goal that is in the shape of the flower and that is the end of it. However, as and how you progress in the game you will realize that this is not it, there are a lot of other factors that will influence your progress and success in the game. there are various dangers and obstacles in the path that you will have to brave on your reliable motorcycle. You will prove about every law of physics in the book and that is where all the fun lies.

There is a single and multiplayer mode in Elasto Mania that are both a lot of fun to play and experience. There are stunning graphics and pleasing animation with a simple and fun soundtrack that make Elasto Mania a huge success. The mind blowing and hilarious yet dangerous stunts that you get to perform in the game are worth playing Elasto Mania for. Other fans will have created and added more levels to the game online and you can play them there anytime you like!



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