EditPlus is a good application that allows users to edit various files that are built using HTML, Java or even PHP formats. There are a lot of different solutions on the market, both paid and free, but this freeware application is one of the most popular that allows users to edit files in a professional manner. Long gone are the days of Notepad, but users might not afford different expensive solutions, so this editor is a reliable helpful tool. There are various options that an editor will definitely make use of with ease.

The most important thing about this editor application is that it highlights various syntax codes. These bits are also automatically color coded after the tool performs a quick scan of the file. This way, every type of code will have a color assigned to it and the user will know what he is going to edit. The colors are also explained in the Help menu, where there are also more valuable tips about the application’s usage. A lot of programming languages are supported by the color coding feature and this will prove helpful to most of the programmers out there.

HTML pages can also be previewed to see different changes that have been made. The interface is simple, with various buttons in the upper area of the screen and a sidebar in the left hand area. But beyond the design, there are more useful features, one of them being the FTP uploader. This way, files that have been edited locally can be uploaded to a website within a matter of seconds, after the user provides the login credentials to establish the connection. A Hex viewer is also available and it might also come helpful in some situations. The search and replace tool is also much powerful than a standard one, featuring more customizable options.



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