If you are a fan of sic-fi games that have real-time tactical combative techniques used in them, then Edgeworld is the game for you. The planet of Cerulea IV has been abandoned, and the inhabitants are vanishing without a trace. Your aim in the game as the commander is to fight for resources, the alien artifacts and also ultimately the planetary supremacy!

Your first and foremost task is to build a base that is very powerful right in the heart of the resourceful alien planet. You have a lot of guns and ammunition that you can use to protect your base and the people in it against the forces that threaten your existence. There are also units that have been formed with a combination of human and alien species, and you have to unlock these units as your proceed into the game.

There are some truly impressive war machines in the game and you have to fight battles with your enemies by using these machines and the soldiers that you unlock. You have to create chaos and destruction in the enemy camp in order to defeat them completely. However, this is not going to be easy if you are divided, and this means that you will have to settle for some kind of alliance to survive in the world. The graphics and the detailed environment make Edgeworld a very classy and thrilling game to play.



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