Tagging is an important part for the music files that is done with the help of different types of tags. These tags help the music lovers to use, manage, and locate them as and when they need. This task can be done easily with this software that is known as EasyTAG. It has done the task of tagging different types of files easy. It works well with all the popular tags including MP2, MP4, MP3, OGG, and many other music files that people prefer to use these days.

With the help of EasyTAG, the users can introduce more tags and manage them easily and comfortably. These tags may even include name of albums, name of the artists, date of creation, and date of storage. They can even add their own comments and attach the picture of their choice as well. This software is powerful enough to generate some tags by itself and then stores the unknown files with the auto generated tags and files. However, the users are only required to provide the software the files that they wish to tag.

Launched in 2007, this multimedia software is now available in its latest version. This version has gained a good amount of popularity with fast rising number of successful downloads. This software is available for free and the users must have enough space in their system to download it. As far as the Operating system specifications are concerned, it runs well with Windows Vista, XP, and Windows 2007. It is available in many languages and that makes the users to use this software in their own languages.

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