EasyEyes is an innovative Android app that helps you when your device screen seems too bright in the lowest brightness setting. If the blue gaze gives you trouble sleeping, give your device a warm look with this tool. The app changes the the color temperature of your device to create a screen filter that reduces eyes strain when you look at it at night. Looking at a natural, lower light source lets you sleep better. This application would let you look at the device at anytime during night with a restful, easy state of eyes. The program is very simple to use and you can turn it on/off with a single click.

Some of the advanced features of the app include brightness filter, temperature filter, automatic scheduler, lowest system brightness, sunrise and sunset times, widget, disable button backlight, integration with tasker support, etc. The most important thing about this utility is that it does not interfere with the system brightness of the operating system so that you can enjoy more control over the device brightness. You can use the automatic scheduler to set the time and the program would do its work each night. It even sets the times depending on the sunrise and sunset, no matter which corner of the world you are.

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