DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is an application created to extend the functionality of movie DVD files. Movies that are saved in this format might bring in a few advantages, such as an interactive interface that users can use in order to access different menus besides the movie itself, but there are also disadvantages. Flexibility is decreased when working with such files, but this tool is designed to solve such problems by using only a few options that everyone can understand. Upon installing the tool, users will be informed about the features and they can access the Hints menu.

There are three main tasks that this program manages to do. The most important one gave the name of the tool: users can shrink the size of a DVD movie file in order to make it fit on a standard DVD. Usually, files of this type have a level of compression on the disc and when they are copied to the PC, they are automatically expanded. The tool can shrink the movie file within a couple of minutes and afterwards, users can make use of the next important function provided by the app. Burning video files to a new disk is an easily achievable process and users can select the burning speed, among a few other options, such as multi-layering the DVD.

However, people should know that the application also provides backup features in order for everyone to create multiple copies of their DVD files. This way, movies are easily reachable by people even if the original disc has been scratched or lost. The back-up feature will create a 1:1 copy of the original disc file and users can also benefit from the interactive menus. The application is distributed for free and people can benefit from all of its functions with ease.

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