Duplicate Sweeper

Duplicate Sweeper is a file manager that does exactly what its name states, so that users can know what to expect when working with the app. The utility has a simple installation process and a minimal interface in which only the main functions are kept on the main screen. This way, users can quickly accomplish all of the needed processes without being distracted by various buttons.

Duplicate Sweeper is able to find and remove all of the duplicate files present in a certain location. In order for the app to achieve this, users firstly have to choose the scan type they want. They can scan the whole computer, a partition or even a single folder and see the results. Depending on the size of the location and the number of files, the scanning might take a while but the resource consumption is kept at a minimum at all times.

Duplicate Sweeper uses multiple methods in order to check for duplicates so that it manages to provide accurate results. After the scanning process ends, users receive a list with all of the duplicates that have been found. Each file has its path displayed so that users know where to find the needed document or image. Then, they can choose to delete the duplicates based on various rules, such as the creation or modification date.

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