Duplicate and Same Files Searcher

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher can prove to be a trustful solution to users who want to get rid of duplicate files present on their system. This is sometimes a serious issue and it is usually encountered when users work with images or song files. They can become undetectable because they do not have the same name every time. However, this app does not need an exact name correspondence in order to discover duplicate files.

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher works with the aid of two algorithms. The first one uses the byte by byte method in order to find exact duplicates without the need of an exact or similar name. There is also the hard link detection algorithm activated and together, they cannot miss duplicate files on one’s system. The scanning process does not take too much to complete, depending on the number of files on a partition or other target device.

After this step is performed and Duplicate & Same Files Searcher has results, it will display them all in a list view with quick access towards each file pair. This way, users can look at both of the files and they can also decide which one they want to keep. The others will be deleted from the system and the user can see how much free space was recovered after this process.



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