DrvImagerXP is an application that provides partition management features to users who need to edit their partitions in different ways. This app is intended to be more of a backup and restore tool, but unlike others others on the market, it is easier to configure and work with. Partition images can be created with the aid of this app in order for users to have a 1:1 backup of their files.

DrvImagerXP can prove useful for people that want to create an identical image of a partition and it can also work with the Windows one. This way, after a fresh install of the operation system, an image can be created and whenever things go wrong, users can restore this image without having to reinstall the OS again. The partition can be selected from a drop down list in the main menu of the app.

After this step is ready, users can adjust the chunk size of the image file within DrvImagerXP and they can configure the number of files they want to have as an output. A small progress bar keeps users updated with the process. The same method is used when restoring the image onto a disk, as users have to choose the partition on which the restoration should be done and then provide the image file.



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