Dream Chronicles

In the game Dream Chronicles, the fairy queen of sleep has cast a sleeping spell onto your entire kingdom, and you have to break that spell and also find your husband who has been lost. You play the role of Faye. The fairy queen called Lilith has left you a few but weird clues that will help you locate your husband and also save your kingdom from endless sleep. Dream Chronicles is a beautiful game that has been created with the greatest care and precision. There are about 32 stunning and different scenes that are created for you to find clues and solve puzzles in them.

However your task is not easy as Lilith has also left a lot of challenges and dangers for you to prevent you from reaching your goal and making sure that everything is alright. You will have to solve challenging and logical puzzles, find objects that are hidden, and use them later in order to solve the clues and make things right. You have another motivation to succeed and that is that your own beloved daughter has also succumbed to the slumber and you have to revive her.

The graphics of Dream Chronicles are truly stunning and every time you reach a new scene you will be tempted to just stop and admire the detailed graphics that await you. This game is meant for people of all ages as it has no violence in it. There are lots of different levels that you have to cross to win the game. you will have to think strategically to get out of tough situations and also solve the puzzles that come your way. The downside to Dream Chronicles is that there are no hints or help available in case you are unable to get stuck in the game and you will have to use all your imagination to help yourself.

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