Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child

In Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child you are yet again destined to help out the lead character of the game named Faye and help her find her lost family by following the trail of clues left behind for her benefit by the Fairy Queen of Dreams and also by Faye’s husband. This time the Fairy Queen has taken away Faye’s entire family and this makes Faye doubly determined to find the hidden prophecy of the Chosen Child. In Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child, you will have to decipher Faye’s dreams and figure out the clues that you find in them to find where Faye’s daughter and husband are.

There are a lot of different places and landscapes that you will have to explore to find the clues that could help you find Faye’s lost family. The landscapes are so well created that you will just take some time off of the game and want to explore them to admire their beauty. The game has all the successful elements of a great adventure and mystery game that has a lot of puzzle solving and hidden clue finding in it. There are varied tasks like whipping up a potion in order to save someone, or fixing a broken door to escape, and also finding hidden gems, as these gems will provide you with hints later when you need help.

The clues in Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child are a real brain teaser and you will need all of your wits about you if you want to solve the mystery behind Faye’s family’s disappearance. You have another task and that is to find the mystery behind the prophecy. The graphics are very stunning to look at and the sound effects compliment the graphics. the downside to Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child is that the system of hints that help you in the game is very limited.



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