Dr. Web Security Space

Dr. Web Security Space is an outstanding antivirus with great results. It is very much efficient in cleaning, detecting or curing any kind of malicious programs. The spiteful programs which are on the detection list of Dr. Web Security Space are; Trojans, mass mailing worms, email viruses, polymorphic viruses, macro viruses, script viruses, viruses infecting the files, paid dialers, adware, spyware, spams, spamming pages, password stealing worms, joke programs, keyloggers, phishing pages ,phishing messages, and many more.

On installing Dr. Web Security Space on a contaminated machine, the infected files are cured without even using additional utilities. This antivirus provides immunity to the system from any kinds of attempts by any malicious program with a special component called Dr. Web Self-protect. It works on the lowest level of the system and runs in the background until the system is restarted.

The cloud based protection service is available in the latest version. The added features are like parental control and spider gate which checks the URL visited with the Dr. Web servers in the Dr. Web cloud service. This application consumes moderate amount of space in the system drive in which it is to be installed. Windows XP/Vista/7/8; any of these mentioned operating systems support Dr. Web Security Space.



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