DQ Tycoon

If you enjoy hanging out at the Dairy Queen, then imagine how much fun it would be to manage one with the help of DQ Tycoon. In the game you play the role of Emily, who wants to turn the local Dairy Queen into a profitable venture. Do you have what it takes to make sure that Emily is successful in her venture and also earns a profit? The key to playing DQ Tycoon is to be quick and efficient in whatever you do, and also display some smart and effective managerial skills. You will have to satisfy your customer’s cravings, and beware, they do not please easily, they need something fancy and also delicious that will make them visit more often.

You will have to work during the day serving and treating customers, and when the day is done, you will have to play a number of mini-games that will help replenish your reserves of all the items you require. The dessert making machines are all upgradeable, and they can also be purchased with the funds that you gain with running the Dairy Queen successfully. Once that happens, you will be able to employ more people to work at the DO, and you can stick to the managerial aspect of the game.

DQ Tycoon is not simply a management game, but it also proves to be a memory game of sorts as you have to recall the ingredients and the recipe of any dessert fast, as soon as your customer demands it, and this is helpful in shaping your memory skills. The graphics are so good, that you will spend time daydreaming about the desserts that you prepare. The aim of the game is to make a decent profit everyday so that you can move forward in the game and its levels.



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