Double Driver

Double Driver is an application designed for users that want backup features regarding their installed drivers. The installation process is quite simple and it does not require special permissions and afterwards, users can start working with the app. It has a plain interface that is built in this manner to provide easy access to the main functions without eye-candy elements.

Double Driver will scan the system when it is launched the first time so that users can be provided with a list that contains all of the hardware equipment installed in the computer and the driver version of each tool. The list has multiple columns and users can toggle more categories if they need to see them and also sort the hardware by type, for example.

Double Driver’s simple interface contains the main tasks grouped in tabs in the upper area of the screen. Users are able to create backups of various drivers and keep them for further use in the future. These backups take up just a few minutes to complete but the process can take longer if a complete backup is wanted. Then, at any moment in the future, users can restore the drivers by accessing the backup file created earlier.



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