doPDF Free PDF Converter

doPDF Free PDF Converter is a freeware application that allows users to convert files to and from PDF format for increased flexibility of their documents. A PDF is more reliable when it comes to moving it to various devices, as browsers already have incorporated readers, while other formats require an application installed on the computer. However, PDF files are less flexible when it comes to editing them, because they also need a dedicated program. If the user does not have access to such an editor, he can easily use this application in order to convert the file.

However, the tool has been mainly designed to have files converted to PDF format, thus there are more compatible files in this field. Documents are already classic files that can be transformed into a PDF, but others might not be covered up by the main tools on the market. Though, this app, despite being free, also features support for AutoCAD files and a project can be easily transformed into a PDF file so more viewers can see it. The minimal settings of the tool can be used by selecting the application as the printer during the printing process of a document.

Here, the user is be able to convert the document within a matter of seconds, and he has different possibilities of customization. The most important offers the possibility of adding high resolution images to the document – this will increase its size but users can zoom in into the page and see various details that might be required. The paper orientation can also be changed and this might be useful for the AutoCAD projects that might be designed in a landscape oriented canvas. Overall, the application provides the basic settings and features that a user needs when converting a generic file to a PDF.



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