Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump for PC is one of the best games right now. The game is absolutely free, and the gameplay is very simple, so it can be played by all. The basic gameplay is that, you are a doodle on a piece of paper, and there are many obstacles that come your way. You keep jumping from one platform to another, and you get rewards such as jetpacks that can give you boosts. You can even blast away baddies with the help of nose balls, and there are some black holes as well, which you must look out for!

A very nice feature of this game is that, the game takes place on a graph paper and on the margins, there are high scores of people who have played well. You can try and defeat these players and get the highest score. There are many levels you can play in, such as Space, Soccer, Snow, Underwater, Easter, and even Ninja! Power-ups include jetpacks, rockets, propeller hats and trampolines, and you just move left and right and shoot!



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