Don’t Tap the While Tile

The only objective of the game is to not touch the white tile in a series of black and white tiles. Also, the player needs to tap/click on all the black tiles that he sees. As simple as it sounds, the tougher it gets. This game is highly addictive and keeps the player hooked. The game has absolutely no complicated graphics and runs smoothly on every device, and the sound effects are those of a piano, making the experience nicer.

There are 18 game modes that the player can choose from and master. The interface is simple and clean, black and white is the default theme and the players can choose to have a colourful theme for their favourite game. There are ways to get bonuses in the different modes of the game for better performance next time. Also, the game is integrated with the internet and allows for the sharing of scores with players worldwide. Don’t Tap the White Tile for PC is available for download and installation at the BlueStacks App Player.



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