Dokuro for PC is an interesting game of puzzle, combat and strategy for android enabled devices. The princes of a faraway peaceful land has been captured by the Dark Lord and made captive in his castle. You are a nameless skeleton in the Dark Lord’s army who is moved by the plight of the princes, and tries to free her from the clutches of the dark lord. You have to guide the princess out of the castle. You are able to change form from skeleton to hero and vice versa. Both these forms have unique abilities and qualities. Use both forms as the situation demands to hoodwink the Dark Lord and his men and to fight them. You also need to guard the princes from traps in the castle. The princess is safe if you are able to take her to the flower at the end of each area you traverse. As you do that a new story unfolds.

With BlueStacks app player you will be able to access the game from Google play and enjoy Dokuro for PC.



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