Dmailer Sync U3

Dmailer Sync U3 is an application that can be used in order to manage bookmarks from one or multiple browser. Importing them into a single browser is sometimes a tedious task and there are not too many management options that can be used to effectively work with links. However, this third party app has the solutions for users and it keeps everything plain and simple.

Dmailer Sync U3 is able to synchronize content between multiple devices and it makes everything easy for users. First of all, users need to create an account within the tool and provide a strong password for it. Then, they can start managing files and they are not only limited to browser bookmarks. Account information can be stored within the app and a calendar combined with a journal can be used to schedule different tasks and always be informed about them.

Dmailer Sync U3 allows users to sync this content with mobile devices, for example, back and forth. Email accounts and individual mails can be also added within the database of the application. In order to keep things safe, an AES algorithm is used to encrypt the information. A secure browsing feature can be used as an improved incognito mode so that users can browse the internet without leaving traces on a PC.

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