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DJ Music Mixer

DJ Music Mixer is an application that every user can install and run in order to create interesting music mixes, just as the title says. Users can get through the installation process with ease and afterwards, they are ready to create new music using the available tools. Music can be imported onto each of the two virtual turntables that are provided on the main interface screen. A single file can be used, but two are recommended if the user really wants to create a unique mix. However, working with two music files at once requires some practice.

A large range of audio effects is available in order to give every user the feeling of a real DJ audio system. The systems are located in a drop down menu located in the upper toolbar, but some preferred effects can be added to the quick buttons located under the turntables. This way, people can benefit from quick access to the effects, but key shortcuts can also be placed in order for users to work efficiently with the turntables while applying various effects. The most iconic effect, the scratch, can be replicated with ease using the turntable and with a little bit of practice, users will be able to create unique songs.

The interface is based on a dark background but it can be changed with ease, depending on the user’s preferences. The sampler included in the tool has its own player that can be used. Audio files can also benefit from pitch control that can be adjusted by the user to a custom level. A playlist can be created and this way, DJs can bring their music to a party and mix it on a laptop. Audio files can be ripped from CDs and imported into the app, either for playing or for conversion.



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