DiskAid is the file transfer application which lets you to transfer files in between your iPod, iPhone or iPad and in both ways. Yes, you read it right as now with the help of this software you will be even able to copy media files as per your requirement from your Apple device to your pc hard disk. There are a lot of Apple device users who use iTunes to transfer media files from the pc to the device only.

DiskAid file transfer application breaks that tend diligently as offering a means by which now the Apple device users will be able to copy their essential media files from the to the device from computer hard disk and vice versa. Now days it is important to keep a back-up plan for all your media files that you have on storage on your computer hard disk. With the DiskAid software you can do whatever you can with your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad as this application enables you to copy all those media files in any case you lose them.

The only problem with this software is that this software does come with a free trial license when downloaded from the web. The trial license does not enable you to finish even one single copy and paste process. Every time you approach to copy some media files from your Apple devices, it reminds you that you need to buy a user license in order to bring this software under operation. The interface is intuitive though the help file does not provide much of a help.



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