Dink Smallwood

When you first begin to play Dink Smallwood, you will feel like it is just another game about pig farming, however, you will soon realize that this is not the case. Dink’s father has disappeared suspiciously and Dink has been left behind with his mother, and they reside in a small village. One day when Dink is away from home, tragedy strikes and the house burned down along with his mother in it. Since Dink is too young to live on his own, he is made to seek out his aunt who lives in another village. On the way to his aunt’s home, Dink comes across rumors about a cult named Cast who’s actions and deeds are proving to be a problem to the kingdom. Dink then decides that he must help out and so he sets off on an adventure of his own.

The game play and the plot of Dink Smallwood will keep you engrossed in the game for a very long time proving to be entertaining and very thrilling. There is nothing boring about the game as there are various elements in the game that make it such a success. Dink Smallwood is completely free to download and this makes it very easy to attain. You can not only play the game, but also craft your own adventures and also add them to the game with the help of Dink Edit in the game.

Dink Smallwood is a perfect game to play if you are looking for some fun, there are a lot of hilarious moments in the game that make it very desirable to play. the graphics are good, and the sound effects go hand in hand with the graphics. There is a huge world to explore and this makes Dink Smallwood very adventurous to play. the downside to Dink Smallwood is that the game may end very suddenly, giving you a dissatisfied feeling.



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