Looking for a way to keep track of your health in general or maybe would like to find a very efficient and motivating way to follow up your weight loss journey, then will surely want to hear more about DietOrganizer. This software does exactly what its name accurately points out; it’s basically a diet diary and much more. DietOrganizer will be of special interest for all those users who are interested to lose weight and are trying to do so by counting calories, the user can enter a blog entry for every day containing all the foods and the amount of food that was eaten that day.

This allows a very efficient way to count calories, since this software counts with one of the most complete food databases in the market; this database contains over 7,000 different food items for the user to choose from. There are also several portion sizes to pick and it’s also possible to enter the user’s own foods to the predetermined list of food items. Additionally this software can also be used to track not only calories, but at least 31 different nutrients, such as Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein, Minerals and Vitamins. This is useful if you want to be sure you are getting the necessary amount of nutrients from your diet.

This software it’s also useful to keep a log of our work outs, this software comes with an exercise database containing at least 200 different exercises. It’s also possible to keep track of our body measurements with this software; the results can then be shown with charts and summaries either weekly or monthly. By doing all this the user can become even more motivated and might have a more successful weight loss journey.



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