Diamond Caves 3

If you have played and loved Emerald Mine, then Diamond Caves 3 is going to entertain you just the same. The game play and the premise of Diamond Caves 3 is very similar to Emerald Mine, and makes for a very quick and addictive game. you have to collect the emeralds that you find in your way in order to win the game and get out through the blue exit.

In order to open the exit, you have to collect the required number of emeralds, and this means that you are trapped in the cave until you do so. The other obstacle is that you have a lot of opponents that are trying to obstruct your path and also collect the emeralds before you get to them. So you will have to be quick and agile in order to get to the emeralds before they get to them.

There are also objects that can help you with your quest, things like keys, and there are other things that can create a disturbance and challenge your progress, like a bomb, acid pools, dynamite and many more such things. The challenges are good and keep things interesting until the end. All in all, Diamond Caves 3 is an entertaining and fun game to play.



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