Deny A Buddy

This name itself is a tricky one and indeed catchy too, which raises pangs of curiosity whenever mentioned. However, Deny A Buddy is an advanced application that works as a recycle bin whenever by mistake one deletes a friend’s name from the friend list. It controls and manages buddy list and sends message to a friend whose ID once removed, but being detected recently is re-added into the list.

Deny A Buddy is an easy application, which is user friendly and simple. It is compatible with all the latest Windows platform; operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are doing fine with it. Even the latest Windows 8 also brings good articulation. The whole application is simple and pretty easy; after some initial easy stages of installation and set up process, one can start enjoying the result.

Deny A Buddy accomplishes every function neat and clean and saves time. Users only need to spend a couple of minutes to get the job done because of its functioning principles. In addition to it, it is a free ware. Whatever services this tool offers; whatever results this application produces and whatever the articulation that it brings; all can be experienced at free of cost.



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