Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software is an application that works in order to transform the computer into a good recording device that can capture both video and audio. A camera can be used in order to record the video, but this is not the only feature that can be chosen in order to make this tool useful. Even old VHS cassettes can be now converted into movies that can be played on the computer. The VCR needs to be connected to the computer and the tool will scan its contents and allow the user to convert the video found on the cassette.

Many formats are available for the output video and besides this, screenshots can be taken, either manually or automatically. The automatic feature allows users to create previews of videos and group the screenshots in a larger image. This feature is available on various websites but it is much easier to do it locally. Video capturing is also easier to do as scheduled tasks can be done and this way, a webcam can start recording at various times of the day, being able to work as a surveillance camera, too.

Desktop recording is also available and this can help in creating video tutorials. In order to simplify further processes, the tool allows users to specifically record a certain area of the screen, which can be selected using a rectangle tool. The quality of the video will mainly depend on the hardware capabilities of the recording device, and this means that VHS tapes will have a lower quality than other sources. However, it is good to save videos from them on the computer and share them with ease. This freeware application is also more capable of working with such devices and it manages to be more powerful than even other shareware solutions.



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