Deadlings is the game developed by Artifex Mundi sp.z.o.o. in which the undead is the main character and you have to control him. The undead is in a deadly laboratory where he has to feed as many brains as possible before he dies. Your goal of the game is to protect the undead and let him feed all the brains. The long you can survive the more will be your score. There is no ending of the game. You can play it as long you live.

The laboratory is a maze and has lots of threats like the spikes from which your undead has to be protected. There are different types of dealings like Bonesack, Creep, Lazybrain and Stencher which are unique of their abilities. You have to utilize their abilities wisely to complete the maze. You can play over 100 levels, 4 different worlds, 4 phases to unlock and so on. The cartoonish graphics and sound effects are the extra gain in the game.



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