DDR Recovery

Users can lose data stored in their computers because of a number of reasons. Disk failures, system fault, power failures, virus attacks, formatted hard drives, and many other such problems can lead to loss of data. However, the DDR Recovery software tool can help its users in recovering and restoring various data such as music folders lost due to any of the aforementioned problems. This software is a highly interactive tool that helps its users in efficiently recovering their lost data without bringing about any sort of alterations to the restored data.

The DDR Recovery software enables its users to recover all sort of lost data including deleted wallpapers, screensavers, movies and many more. This software application is read-only in character and can work effectively to restore files from formatted and reformatted hard drives. Apart from that, it can recover data from hard drives suffering from other problems such as BIOS error, MBR, MFT or any other sort of failures. Thus, users can recover lost or missing data from storage media with bad sectors.

The DDR Recovery software tool can help its users in restoring corrupted files in a large number of digital storage formats such as JPEG, GIF, TXT, MP3, PNG, and many others. This software tool is capable of working on a number of different hard drive standards including SATA, ATA, SCSI, IDE, and many more. The software restores even erased compressed and encrypted files from the hard drives with élan. This data recovery software is compatible with the Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems.




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