DBT Self-Help

DBT Self-Help is a very useful health tool that is designed to help with managing overwhelming emotions, cultivating mindfulness, breaking destructive impulsive behaviors, navigating relationships. The program includes skill descriptions loaded with practice tips which enable you develop as well as practice the required skills. Whether you have difficulties maintaining positive relationships, safeguarding your self respect, ending destructive relations, difficulties with feelings as well as emotion driven impulse behaviors, this application would help you with all and you will be able to reach your interpersonal goals easily. The skills it incorporates help you manage and deal with your overwhelming and distressing thoughts better.

With this app, you will have a better understanding of how emotions, thoughts, behaviors and physiology affect each other. You will be able to build as well as manage healthy relationships and also develop communication tools. You will be better able to cope with overwhelming emotions rather than acting impulsively. It will also make you change your behavior for increasing the positive emotions in life, use skills to manage, identify, regulate emotions and feelings. Your level of mindfulness would increase and you will cultivate concentration and awareness.

The program features an easy, intuitive navigation with help and history functions, news, notes and updates. There is an option for modifying and tailoring personalized crisis list of skills for quick access in critical situations. It contains pregenerated skill lists for managing shame, anger, fear and sadness. An excellent companion for DBT therapy, the app is a must try for everybody! Get it for your PC today with BlueStacks emulator!



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