Daily Yoga

The most powerful and dedicated app for yoga coaching, Daily Yoga provides users high definition yoga exercises of different levels and duration, live voice guidance, social community, clear videos, soothing music and more to help you be a daily yogi. Whether you want to lose weight, burn fat or get into shape, relieve stress, calm down or get relaxed, Yoga is the ultimate way and this app makes it more effective and interesting. Take the application with you wherever you go as the perfect way to stress relief and fitness. The program consists of more than 45 yoga exercises in all, 18 background music and over 300 poses in library. High definition videos and step by step audio instructions are the most interesting of its features.

The app includes more than five yoga programs having well scheduled plans for relaxation, fitness, body toning, etc. You get to choose from three different intensities of workout and various durations. The social community it supports allows sharing ideas and getting inspiration in the forum, earning scores from daily practices, chat with other users, follow or be followed, show off in rankings, stay updated with other yogis. You find yoga exercises for all types of fitness needs including daily yoga for back, abs, chest, butt, weight loss, standing poses, seated poses, lying poses, yoga meditation, yoga sequence and lot more.

The most trustworthy and effective yoga application for Android now available for use on desktop. Get it today using BlueStacks App Player!



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