CyberSky is an application designed to help users who want to learn more about the sky. A lot of constellations have been defined in the night sky but this doesn’t mean that everyone can identify them by looking at the sky. However, this utility can easily provide information about each constellation that appears on the sky and much more. All of the functions are available within seconds and users just have to know what they are looking for.

CyberSky features a simple interface that contains quick-access buttons and users can firstly load up one of the two night skies that can be seen from Earth. They can choose either the Northern or the Southern hemisphere and the desired option will be loaded within seconds. Afterwards, they can start exploring the constellations as they all have their outlines marked.

CyberSky allows users to study more about a specific constellation but they can do the same with just a specific star from a group of more. However, the utility also provides interesting animations regarding the night sky and users can see how it will look the next day or the next year, but it can also be used backwards to see how did the constellations looked like thousands of years ago.



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