Sitting day-long clumped in front of the computer is not good for any child’s physical and psychological health. There are numerous websites on the internet, which are simply unsuitable for them. It is necessary therefore to keep their activities on computer and internet monitored and under control. Here comes in CyberSentinel!!! This parental control application blocks every way of the harmful online elements to infect your children’s tender minds.

CyberSentinel is a client-server application. You will have to register before downloading the executable set-up file. This gives you the privilege of monitoring your children’s activity from the control panel of the application’s website and if you feel necessary, you can directly block their applications terminates their internet connection using online helps. In this way you can literally control their website visits, instant message (IM) conversations, social network connections and e-mails. The application recognizes a single administrator.

You can define criteria of ‘inappropriateness’ according to your understanding, on the basis of which the application will make lists of websites and programs to be blocked if approached. Without the administrator-defined password no change of these rules and limits is possible. You can choose a unique warning message to appear when taboo websites are approached or have the PC totally shut down and have an alert message sent to you. Screenshots can also be viewed for monitoring purposes. You will get detailed report of your kids’ online activity. Moreover, it also enables you to set time-limits computer and internet usage for your children. Overall, this exceptional parental control application with unparalleled online vigilance is worth giving a try.



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