CyberLink PowerDVD

CyberLink PowerDVD is a tool designed to work as a media player, but it can also accomplish other tasks with ease. The application is free to use in its standard form but there are upgrade packages – however, they might be more preferred by advanced users of the computer. The app has been constantly improved and now it features a number of options that make it stand out in the market and achieve a leading position. Blu-Ray discs are now supported and the player can also apply 2D to 3D conversion where it might be required, in order for a perfect movie experience.

This 3D environment can also be manipulated in order to increase the depth of the graphics – this might make some movies better, but it should be performed with care. The playback is now just the basic element of the tool, as streaming and syncing are becoming new base features. This software application can now take the role of a Hub for every type of media on the computer and it can create a nice library that provides easy access to everything. Synchronizing gadgets with the app has also become easier and now Android devices are also supported.

There is also the possibility of streaming videos to an Android device, but this requires another application installed on the mobile phone or tablet. Integration with Facebook and Flickr has also become more pregnant, and now the application gives a user the possibility of downloading photos from these websites, and add them to the personal library. Social media features are interesting, and beyond this, the developers have also started a partnership with an online music shop, allowing users to buy and download music in the tool, creating a local library that is backed up online. Overall, the tool has become much more than its name and is worth a try.



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