If a person is looking for a decoder that can decode Morse code, then the software to take help of is the CwGet. It is the program that can easily decode Morse codes (CW) via sound cards to text. But this is not all about this application, as it can also work as a narrow band sound DSP filter. The best thing about this software is that it does not require any extra hardware for it functioning.

CwGet can work only with the presence of the receiver and computer. However, the computer must possess a sound card. This tool is co-operable with the RZ4AG AAlog logger. The user interface of this software is extremely lucid. It is so simple to understand that even the first time users can employ this program without any troubles whatsoever.

This application is entirely compatible with the various versions of the Windows Operating System, even with the latest ones. This makes CwGet much more popular and helpful for a large number of users around this world. This tool also offers the user to select the output channel of the sound card, such as – mono, right, left etc. All these features make this program an automatic choice for various users.



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