Custodia AntiVirus with Personal Firewall

Custodia Antivirus with Personal Firewall provides active protection against Trojans, viruses, worms, malware and other malicious programs. It features innovative technology for scanning, detecting and removing viruses, providing registry protection, and many more. The file size of the installer is somewhere around 67.54 megabytes. There is a free version having a trial period of 30 days along which a paid version conjointly exists. Windows 2000/XP/Vista; any of these operating system do well with Custodia Antivirus.

Custodia AntiVirus with Personal Firewall actively protects the users’ ADP system against viruses, Trojans, worms, and different types of malware. As mentioned above an innovative Virtual machine Unpacking Engine (VUE) technology is included with this application that is designed to find viruses that are disguised beneath multiple layers to avoid detection, and its proprietary Unknown Virus Scan. While it comes to Cleaning technology Custodia AntiVirus is a powerful tool designed that is able enough to take away even the foremost tough and annoying viruses out there. Auto-protect options like File Monitor, Memory Monitor, Email Scan, Script interference, Boot Records Monitor, written record shield, and Vulnerability Defense make sure that the user is alerted and notified of any suspicious activity which require management of the ADP system are present in Custodia AntiVirus with Personal Firewall.

Some viruses are tough to get rid of once the user has got logged into Windows. A special feature called Pre-Login scan permits scanning of the ADP system and takes away viruses before the software package launches. Different other options include embedded scan for different programs like MS workplace, net person, AOL Instant traveller, MSN traveller, Yahoo! traveller, WinZip and WinRAR – File device – Malicious Behavior Detection – System Reinforcement – Application Protection – Application Access management – Program Startup management – Hidden method Detection. Custodia AntiVirus with Personal Firewall is designated as an efficient software package which provides optimum security to the system.



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