Cubase is an application that can be used as a music creation suite and it is targeted towards more advanced users. However, novices that really want to learn how this app works can make use of the tutorials provided within the help file and online. They can provide support in the beginning, until each user learns how to make use of every function on his own.

Cubase has a simple interface, but it will soon become cluttered with various toolbars as a project is begun. This is because users need quick access to many different options and they have to keep their toolbars on the screen. There is also the timeline which is permanently displayed on-screen. Users have the possibility to work with multiple tracks in order to create complex sound files. The database of the app is filled with a lot of different sound samples and each of them can be directly used or further edited.

Users can import or create MIDI tracks within Cubase. There are multiple plugins available for this file format in order to make it more flexible. Recording songs after they have been finished is made easy by this app, but a dedicated sound card is recommended. The channels and the bit rate can be adjusted in order to achieve the optimal quality for a given file.



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